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If you are looking for an effective way to heat your home or office, coal can be an excellent choice. With its high heat energy content, coal allows for quick and efficient heating of spaces, even during extreme cold temperatures.

In our offer, you will find high-quality coal sourced from the best mines in Poland. We provide various types and grades of coal that can be delivered in quantities tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us, and our specialists will assist you in selecting the best solution for your home or business.


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Coal Briquette

Coal Briquette – Heating your home has never been easier and more efficient than with it! Make your home warm and cozy by choosing the highest quality coal cube. Save money and take care of the environment – try it today!

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Nut Coal

Nut Coal is the perfect solution for those who want to save on the costs of heating their home. Thanks to its unique properties, you will achieve even and long-lasting burning. Save money without losing heat – choose nut coal!

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Ash Coal Plus

Ash Coal Plus – Choose an innovative coal with excellent heating properties and low CO2 emissions. It’s an economical heating solution with a focus on the environment. Enjoy comfort and the awareness of protecting our planet!

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Pea Coal Plus

Pea Coal Plus is the choice for those who want to heat their home in an ecological and environmentally friendly way. Not only will it provide efficient and cost-effective heating, but it will also have a positive impact on the state of our planet. Choose Pea Coal Plus and take care of our planet!

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Coal Coke

Coke Coal – If you are looking for a reliable and safe source of heat for your home, choose Coke Coal. Thanks to its unique properties, you can be sure of efficient heating for a long time. Enjoy warmth and comfort in your home – try Coke Coal today!

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Coal for energy purposes

We are a leader in supplying coal for energy purposes on a wholesale scale. We offer a wide selection of high-quality coal tailored to meet the needs of your business. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you can rely on our reliability and professionalism.

Unleash the power of our coal for your business!

Step-by-step coal purchase

Familiarize yourself with the available types of coal

Check various types of coal available in the offer to choose the one that suits your needs.

Contact us to get a quote

Use the available contact information on the website to discuss your requirements and receive a personalized offer.

Specify the quantity of coal and the preferred delivery date

Coordinate with us the amount of coal you need and the preferred delivery date.

Discuss logistical details with us

Talk to us about the delivery location and any specific logistical requirements.

Confirm the order and establish payment terms

After agreeing on all the details, confirm the order and set payment terms convenient for you.

Receive and inspect the delivered coal

After the delivery, thoroughly check the received coal to ensure it meets your expectations.

The fiery heart of nature that embraces your home with warmth. Choose our highest quality coal and experience the magic of genuine comfort on every winter evening.

It is clear that the quality of coal cannot be assessed without testing its combustion. However, it is important for the coal to be truly black and shiny, which can be observed after rinsing it with rainwater and exposing it to sunlight.

Good coal should have low ash and sulfur content, high calorific value, and be easy to ignite and safe to use.

The phenomenon of coal caking in coal-fired furnaces is undesirable as it can lead to significant operational disturbances. Large coke clinkers (known as “unburned residues”) formed by the agglomeration (sticking) of small pieces of coal have a much smaller surface area exposed to air. As a result, the combustion process is slowed down, and boiler efficiency decreases. Restricted access of air to the interior of the clinkers leads to increased incomplete combustion losses (referred to as “unburned residues”), meaning the combustible content in the ash increases. In automatic burners, coke clinkers also pose a serious risk of burner jamming.

Pea Coal Plus is a solid fuel produced from coal and used for generating heat energy in low-emission, hopper-fed retort furnaces. Retort furnaces, commonly known as “grateless” or “stoker” furnaces, are environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating devices that can be used to supply heat energy to homes, households (both single and multi-family), large municipal facilities, industrial facilities, as well as peripheral heat sources in district heating systems.

The method of fuel replenishment through a retort feeder is the most convenient way to operate a boiler. The coal is continuously and evenly supplied through the burner. Retort boilers can employ modern electronic solutions that monitor the boiler’s operation in real-time (microchip control). With the use of high-quality fuel, such a boiler only needs to have its fuel container refilled from time to time (sometimes every 7 days), remove ash, and clean the air channels periodically (usually every 14 days), which is often overlooked by many retort boiler users.

Low calorific value of coal results in difficult ignition, higher ash content, which means more work, more frequent visits to the furnace to add fuel and monitor the combustion process, as well as shorter burning time. On the other hand, coal with a calorific value of 30 MJ/kg requires a large amount of air, and not every furnace can fully utilize its potential. In domestic furnaces, the calorific value in the range of 25-27 MJ/kg is the most suitable.

*EXCISE TAX: Since January 2, 2012, hard coal and coke are subject to excise taxation according to the rules set out in the Act of December 6, 2008 on excise tax (Journal of Laws of 2011, No. 108, item 626, as amended).

The excise tax rates for coal products are as follows:

  • Excise amount per tonne of hard coal: 30.46 PLN net,
  • Excise amount per tonne of brown coal: 11.00 PLN net,
  • Excise amount per tonne of coke: 35.20 PLN net.

However, a number of exemptions from excise tax have been provided for coal and coke consumed:

  1. for purposes other than economic activity, including by: households, public administration bodies, educational institutions, nurseries and child clubs, medical entities, social welfare organizations,
  2. for carrying out certain types of economic activity, including: in agricultural and horticultural processes, fish farming, and forestry.

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